Chennaiyin FC v NorthEast United FC - NorthEast dominance with a white wash.

First up, the game was slated between CFC-Navin and Emaadrox which was expected to be a great combat between the first season’s MVP Navin and highly in-form, ‘the chocolate boy of eISL’ Emaadrox. 7 minutes into game one and the expectations started to diminish as Emaad rocketed his first, past Navin’s defence and then he never looked to stop. 3 goals in the first half and 3 more in the second half took NorthEast United to the peaks and by the final whistle was blown, the scoreline read Chennaiyin FC 1 - 6 NorthEast United FC. Stepping into the co-op fixture, Chennaiyin FC had to redeem themselves in order to stay alive in the fixture. First quarter of the game saw both the clubs trying their best to get the lead but it was at the 30th min, that saw the first goal and 39th min was their second goal, which had the ‘Emaad-Saransh’ way written all over them. With some airtight defence in the 2nd half, NorthEast boys kept it real tight and stepped out victorious with 0:3 on the scoreline. This win ensured 3 points for NorthEast United in their kitty. The 3rd game saw the heroics of Saranshjain, constant tikitaka and some Tikkatown power but ends up Chennaiyin FC 1 - 2 NorthEast United resulting in a white wash, all thanks to some pure NorthEast dominance.

Mumbai City FC v Bengaluru FC: Mumbai City never gives up!

A fixture everybody was waiting for and game one was the clash of the biggies, Sakky_8 vs CJ12. It just took 14 minutes into the game for CJ to start the score ticking, as expected you can’t stop CJ from scoring! However, right at the moment of HT whistle, Sakky_8 comes back and levels it up. The 3rd quarter saw Sakky taking the lead and CJ quickly equalizing it and the scoreline read 2-2 at final minutes of the game and CJ being CJ, had different plans for all of us and converted a beauty and that meant lights out for Sakky. Mumbai City FC 2 - 3 Bengaluru FC and Bengaluru walks into the co-op game with a much needed lead. With a do or die situation, the Mumbai City boys started off with some intent and thanks to some of their flawless passing, Mumbai City drew first blood and took the lead at 17’ but Bengaluru boys answered back at 39’ and walked out with 1 goal each by the end of half-time. It was at 65’ where the Islanders put the game to bed by scoring one and keeping the lead till the final whistle. The Islanders level the fixture and it was in the hands of Krusher and Sagnik, in the final game, to decide a winner. Looked like Sagnik didn’t wanna waste any time and scored the first goal of the game and at the 29th minute, Krusher equalized it. Come second half and Krusher opens the account and takes the lead at 51st min but just in 7 mins Sagnik comes back with a screamer and levels it up. After 10 minutes, Krusher had different plans and went past Sagnik’s defence not once but twice and doubled the lead. FT and the scores read Mumbai City FC 4 - 2 Bengaluru FC and Mumbai City go past Bengaluru FC on the points table.

Odisha FC v Kerala Blasters FC: Lokmanyu06 steps in for the blasters at the right time!

It was Eightnates taking on Shubumtumtum in the first game and it had to be a tough one for Eightnates as Shubum, N0.2 in the MVP Journ-E, has been in prolific form! Thanks to some tight defence from Odisha FC, the first half went goalless. Nates was successful to put Shubum at bay several times and had the majority of possession to himself. The game was all about the defence and remained goalless as we stepped into the co-op fixture. And finally, after much waiting, it had to be a penalty to change the scoreline as Odisha scored their first goal. The game was definitely on, as the Kerala boys leveled it up right after the second half began. And it was in the 4th quarter, where Odisha saw the winner at 75th minute and take the much-needed lead. Odisha FC 2 - 1 Kerala Blasters FC read the scoreline as we entered the final fixture between Vagya7 and the veteran Lokmanyu06. It was pure dominance in the first half and at 30’ the experience of Lokmanyu stepped in and took the lead for Kerala. And it was a high-octane bout between both the clubs until an equalizer creeped in at the 74’ and the chances of 3 points raised high for Odisha. But right in the tangles of this game, Lokmanyu never gave up and showed some great composure and finally converted the much needed 2nd goal and gave his club a hard-earned point from the jaws of defeat!

The action hasn’t ended yet for the week. eISL action will return tonight with three more exciting clashes. Catch it all on eISL and ISL YouTube handles.