The last day of Matchweek 6 saw Jamshedpur FC registering their first W of the season and Kerala Blasters bagging their 2nd win of the season. NorthEast United and Mumbai City fight hard to settle for spoils.

Jamshedpur FC vs Chennaiyin FC

In what looked to be a one-sided affair, where the first game was slated between D33KAY and Navin, the reigning MVP, everybody felt that Navin would have a cake walk but destiny had different thoughts as the lad from Jamshedpur seemed well prepared. The first half saw D33KAY drawing the first blood and taking the lead. The moment the second half began, Navin was anticipated to level it up but Jamshedpur FC stood strong and at 49’, D33KAY struck one past Chennaiyin FC’s defence and doubled the lead. D33KAY was threatening all over and Navin couldn’t capitalize anything and eventually saw himself defeated in the first game. The co-op game was no short of action as it took just 6 minutes for the Chennai boys to strike and 4 mins later strike another one. At 14th minute Jamshedpur netted one and 8 minutes later Navin and TIKKATOWN doubled the lead. The second half began and with 4 goals to Chennaiyin and one to Jamshedpur FC and 2 minutes down, we notice Jamshedpur FC score their second. The 59th minute saw Jamshedpur score their 3rd and at the 80th minute we witnessed a screamer from them that leveled the scores 4 each. Come full-time and with such heroics, it only meant that Jamshedpur FC will not be on a losing side. And it was down to the 3rd game for Chennaiyin FC and TIKKATOWN to redeem themselves from the faces of defeat and like expected, it was the champ from Chennai that rocketed one past the Jamshedpur FC’s defence and took the lead. And in the 3rd quarter of the game we see Arvind coming back and leveling the score. However it was in the 87th minute when Arvind7 broke TIKKATOWN and Chennaiyin FC’s defence and hopes and converted the winner which delivered them the first W of the season.

Kerala Blasters FC vs ATK Mohun Bagan

Coming from the previous match heroics, it was Lokmanyu06 to lead the Kerala Blasters fixture against Vicky_1227. In a battle that had Lokmanyu, who’s extremely patient and forces opponents to take risks and make mistakes against Vicky who’s got the caliber to change things in a second, we witnessed a fierce encounter that ended 1:1. In the co-op fixture it was all about the yellow army that took the lead at 16th minute and secured their win with another goal at 77th minute and took the lead in the match. It was down to the final game for Afnan and ATK Mohun Bagan to fight back and save themselves from a defeat. However the boys from Kerala Blasters were in no mood to take anything that keeps them away from their W and score their 1st goal at 14th minute and the 2nd at 66th minute mark. With these 2 blows Kerala Blasters have registered their second W of the season while the scoreline of the final game read Kerala Blasters FC 2 : 0 ATK Mohun Bagan

NorthEast United vs Mumbai City FC

The final fixture of the night was the most awaited one which had the clashes of the biggies of the tournament. Saranshjain12 taking on Sakky and Emaadrox against Krusher. The first game was quite an eventful one as it saw equal dominance from both the clubs in the first half. The 66th minute is where we’ve witnessed a change in the scoreline, all thanks to Sakky that took the lead for Mumbai City. Saransh didn’t hold back and replied with an equalizer at the 70th minute. Eventually, 84th minute of the game Sakky converted one and sealed the game for Mumbai City FC. With a defeat in the first game, NorthEast United stepped into the co-op fixture with a motto to seal the game and reach the decider. And like they’ve hoped for, they’ve gone full throttle and at the very 3rd minute, the NorthEast United boys strike and take the lead. And to make things worse for Mumbai City, they clear one goal past their defence at the 61st minute and double the lead and hold in the co-op. At 77th minute we saw Mumbai City converting one but it was too late as NorthEast held their lead and walked victorious. It was down to the decider where Emaadrox went against Krusher, both the lads equally fierce and powerful, putting in their everything to grab a win and give their clubs 3 points. It was at the 37th minute where Emaad took the lead and at the 49th minute when he doubled the lead. Krusher came on strong netting one for his club at the 63rd minute but Emaad doubled the lead at 74th minute and eyed on taking the match away from the Mumbai City’s hands. But you never rule out Krusher and Mumbai City until the final whistle is blown. 79th minute is when Krusher scores the 2nd goal and right before the full-time whistle at 88’, he equalizes the score to 3:3 and eventually grabs that hard earned point for Mumbai City FC.

The action hasn’t ended yet as the eISL action will return on April 25th with three more exciting clashes. Catch it all on eISL and ISL YouTube handles.