Hyderabad FC stage a perfect comeback; FC Goa registered their 6th consecutive win and Chennaiyin FC their 2nd win of the season.

What a day of FIFA as we witnessed some of the best moments and events of the season. Here’s how it unfolded.

Match 26 was slated between FC Goa (Current table toppers) and ATK Mohun Bagan (Reigning #HeroISL Champions) and Game 1 began with Vicky_1227 taking on two times ‘MVP of the week’ of this season, V-Sharma. First half was all about who’s gonna break the deadlock first, but ended up goalless. However, it was the 62nd minute that saw FC Goa take the lead. It was soon leveled by a beautiful lob through from Vicky_1227 and an equalizer for ATK Mohun Bagan. The game ended with 1-1 on the boards, making this the first drawn game for V-Sharma. The Co-op was all about the ‘synergy’ between both the players from both the clubs. FC Goa and the boys have shown quite some vigor in their gameplay, but Vicky_1227 and Afnan10 made sure they create more chances/openings, eventually, none of the chances were converted to finishes. In the 21st minute V-Sharma and Aadizema netted their first and the only goal of the game which saw 1-0 on the board. With the lead to their name FC Goa’s Aadizema was to face Afnan10, after his 8-goal performance from the Kolkata Derby and the poster boy of ATK Mohun Bagan. It was definitely a high-octane clash and the gameplay too was nowhere less. Afnan10 kept Aadizema on toes and showed complete dominance until a little fumble and a moment of brilliance from FC Goa created difference by netting their 1st goal of the game. It was in later parts of second half, where a well-timed play from Aadizema put the final nail in the coffin and a 2-0 lead on the board. With ten minutes in hand, Afnan10 scored his first, but it was just a consolation as the final score read FC Goa 2:1 ATK Mohun Bagan and with that, FC Goa stands unbeaten in this season.

Match 27 was the clash between reigning champions Chennaiyin FC and Odisha FC and in the first game it was the previous season’s MVP Navin to take on Nate. It looked more of an one-sided affair as Navin was quick in getting a breakthrough in the 15th minute. However, Odisha FC had other plans and came back in a flash. The first half was more about ‘Sometimes Navin-Sometimes Nates’ as chances were being created but finishes weren't to be seen. Second half was an Odisha FC show, a shocker for the rest as Nate took full control and netted 3 more goals against the former MVP and the game ended with 4-1 on the board and a hope of their first win of the season. Stepping into the co-op game, Odisha FC boys knew that one little miss and they could be punished by the Chennaiyin FC boys, TikkaTown and Navin. And as it looked like, it was TikkaTown written all over the first goal at the 11th minute and the first half ended with too many chances created by none of them converted. Odisha FC boys have put their all in putting up the Juggernauts fight, but the co-op game was written in the names of these Chennaiyin FC boys as they leveled the fixture 1-1 moving onto the decisive 3rd game, where Vagya7 was to take on the mighty TikkaTown. With Vagya7 trying to manifest some Nate energy, TikkaTown was seen creating numerous chances but Vagya7 wasn’t in a mood to give up. However, at the 70th minute mark, TikkaTown finds the back of the net and then another one at the 87th mark and TikkaTown saves it for Chennaiyin FC as they register their 2nd win of the season.

Match 28 was scheduled between Hyderabad FC and Bengaluru FC which had the most hyped bouts of Jenasid going against CJ12 in the first game and friends turned foes or teammates turned rivals, Warsi go against Sagnik. Game 1 saw CJ12 draw first blood in the 3rd minute of the game and the scoreboard didn’t move as they fought with all their might. The co-op game was a very crucial one for Hyderabad FC as they lost their first game. Little did we know what was on offer, as the first half ended goalless with both the clubs going at each other. The 61st minute saw the first opening for Bengaluru FC and at the 68th and 75th mark, we saw the second and third goal go back of the net respectively. What looked like a one-sided affair, with 3 goals down and ten minutes to spare, Hyderabad FC had different plans altogether. Thanks to the 81st and 85th minute goals that gave them a little hope to fight back. However it was in the 92nd or in the injury time that they leveled the scores 3-3 just before the final whistle. And it was down to the Warsi vs Sagnik clash where Warsi took a lead at the 7th minute but Sagnik could not be far behind and leveled it back. Just at the stroke of HT, Sagnik finds Bengaluru FC’s second goal and takes the lead of 2-1. The second half had a couple of chances created and a couple of misses, until an equalizer from Warsi, thanks to his aggressive gameplay. And within no time, Warsi scores the 3rd goal of the game and draws the match for Hyderabad FC as they bounce back from the ashes and grab their well earned point.

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